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Case Study

M&S Combustion

M&S Combustion, a family-run business with over 17 years of expertise in designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing custom-built incinerators and furnaces, reached out to e-innovate for a digital overhaul after receiving a recommendation from an existing client.

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Based in West Yorkshire and operating globally, they aimed to modernise their online presence, which was hindered by a basic and cumbersome Wix website. The goal was to reflect their brand accurately, enhance their online image, grow their family brand, and attract sustainable organic traffic. Following a recommendation from one of our satisfied clients, M&S Combustion entrusted us to craft a website that would not only showcase their unique services but also capture the essence of their brand.

The Results

A modern, cleaner, and more engaging website design.
High-performing website optimised for user interaction and efficiency.
Easy-to-manage website, allowing staff to update content effortlessly.
A scalable digital platform ready for future business growth.

What We Did

Designed a new website, balancing aesthetic appeal with functionality.

Developed the site on WordPress for ease of management and future updates.

Provided ongoing support for website updates and strategic management.

Provided ongoing support for website updates and strategic management.

The Process & Insight

Website Design

Our approach began with in-depth research into competitors and similar websites within their niche. This crucial step allowed us to understand the market landscape and identify opportunities to distinguish M&S Combustion’s online presence. Armed with this knowledge, we embarked on the web design process, starting with the development of a basic wireframe. This initial framework served as the foundation upon which we built the final design, evolving it through several iterations and collaborative discussions with M&S Combustion.

A key focus of our design process was to create a unique look and feel for the website, one that not only resonates with M&S Combustion’s brand values but also sets them apart in their industry. We aimed to encapsulate their commitment to quality and innovation in every aspect of the design. Consequently, we crafted a warm and inviting layout, intentionally designed to enhance user engagement and content interaction. This approach was not merely about aesthetics; it was about creating an online environment that reflects the ethos and professionalism of M&S Combustion, thereby fostering a stronger connection with their audience.

Website Development

We opted for WordPress, renowned for its flexibility and user-friendliness. This decision was pivotal in ensuring that the website could adapt and evolve with M&S Combustion’s growing needs. WordPress’s intuitive nature also allowed us to provide effective training for M&S Combustion’s in-house staff, empowering them with the skills needed for efficient content editing and management.

This empowerment was a crucial part of our strategy, as it enabled the M&S Combustion team to take active control of their website’s content, ensuring that it remained fresh, relevant, and aligned with their ongoing marketing activities. Furthermore, our collaboration extended beyond the website development phase. We worked closely with the M&S Combustion team to formulate and implement a robust digital marketing strategy. This ongoing partnership was designed to maximise the website’s potential as a marketing tool, aligning digital efforts with the company’s broader business objectives and ensuring a cohesive and effective online presence.

SEO & Strategy

Meticulous attention was given to keyword optimisation, ensuring every aspect of the website aligned seamlessly with the overarching digital strategy. This optimisation was not just limited to keywords; it extended to the production and refinement of content across all website pages. Each piece of content was carefully crafted and optimised to resonate with both the brand’s voice and SEO best practices.

Additionally, we delved into the technical aspects of SEO, implementing meta-data and conducting performance optimisation to ensure the website not only attracted the right audience but also provided a smooth and efficient user experience. This technical tuning was crucial in enhancing the website’s visibility and user engagement.

Our involvement with M&S Combustion’s website went beyond the initial launch. We provided ongoing support and strategic advice, ensuring the website continued to evolve and improve. This continuous improvement approach meant staying abreast of the latest digital trends and algorithm changes, and adjusting strategies accordingly to maintain and enhance the website’s performance. This commitment to long-term support and strategic insight was pivotal in sustaining and growing M&S Combustion’s online presence.

Key Deliverables Achieved

Launched a responsive, scalable website accessible across all devices.

Enhanced the website’s SEO to increase visibility and attract new customers.

Designed the website for effortless content management by in-house staff, ensuring smooth operational workflow.

M&S Combustion’s revamped website now not only accurately represents their brand but also positions them as a leader in their industry. This case study demonstrates e-innovate’s commitment to delivering bespoke digital solutions that align with our clients’ unique needs, ensuring their online presence is as robust and dynamic as their services.

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