Get Active Challenges

Get Active Challenges are targeted active campaigns for companies, charities and individuals that centre around physical and mental well being, team engagement and charity fundraising through physical activities. Designed to motivate by encouraging healthy activity and friendly competition, participants of all ages and abilities can take part in any activity anywhere from walking to running, swimming, cycling, counting steps and more.
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The Brief

We have been working for quite a while with the RunSeries team and have formed a really enjoyable business relationship. The idea of Get Active Challenges came around about a year ago. The whole concept was created through many conversations and brainstorming sessions with ideas and initiatives constantly being tweaked and added by us all.

This was a hugely exciting project for e-innovate – we needed to create a clever bit of software which was stylish and user friendly – in a short amount of time.

Get Active Challenges is a great initiative to get workforces healthy and moving as well as a good way to form camaraderie and teamwork in the office. There’s such a huge emphasis on employees’ health and wellbeing, so we knew that this site would be a perfect tool for employers to help them stay on track with these important elements for their staff.

The Bigger Picture

Although we had been floating ideas around for the past year, with the current unprecedented times we are going through we felt that this would be an amazing opportunity to raise some much needed funds for the NHS. The project had gone from a corporate based platform to switching up the thought process and creating challenges and content for the general public as soon as possible.

With lockdown and self isolation making people feel a little helpless to the cause, we also realised that this was a perfect concept to help the public do their bit for the local hospitals and feel achievement. It is also a great way to connect friends and families who can all take part with the challenges and work together and have some friendly rivalry to lift the spirits.

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The Work

It was vital for us that the site was easy to navigate as well as being streamlined, fast acting and aesthetically pleasing.

We wanted to ensure that the system we built had a logical journey, meaning that once registered, it was easy for users to submit their activities and track their progress. We wanted to add another dimension to the results function so users are able to see their positioning with their challenges on the Leaderboard.

It was important that the donation side of things was simple as well, so we decided to add a donation suggestion to the sign up page as a call to action to prompt the user to donate a little extra. There is also a link to a Just Giving page making it even easier for the user to connect everything together and raise as much money as possible for this incredible cause.

We wanted to add little initiatives to not only make this a fun site to visit, but also to be as stress free and streamlined as possible for the users. All of the donations from the site go straight to SASH Charity to help staff at the NHS East Surrey and Sussex hospitals.

Working with local companies and the community to support the NHS as well as our local hospital has definitely made e-innovate feel part of such a fantastic local network.

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