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GetMyPT is an online social media fitness community connecting Personal Trainers with potential clients. A fully interactive site where searches for PT’s are review led and trainees are able to visit their potential trainers activity walls to take a look at their postings. 

GetMyPT is bringing something new, dynamic and exciting to the fitness world.

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The Brief

The initial brief was to design a website / software that would act as a directory for Personal Trainers to advertise their services. The PT’s would have reviews and star ratings and therefore the idea was to have a site that was an honest and authentic guide in a saturated industry where it is hard to know who is good and who isn’t!

The Bigger picture

At our initial meeting with James, GetMyPT business owner, he presented  us with his concept, however, we were already aware from research that there are many different directories already on the market. This threw up concerns that making revenue with this project could prove a challenge for James. The directory idea was born 3 years ago, but unfortunately James had experienced an incredibly frustrating challenge with a different agency who had not had the capability to carry out the project as he so wished. When he bought the project to us, he appreciated that there may be some changes to the original idea to ensure he was offering something with a difference and therefore he could corner that market.

With a mammoth brainstorming session, we put together a newer concept of creating a social media aspect to the brand, fully interactive between Personal Trainers and their potential clients as well as the directory. We wanted to create an online community that would attract clients back to the site on a daily basis rather than just leave after having found their PT. We formulated initiatives and functionalities where PT’s post their sessions on their activity walls, we created a Deals section where PT’s were able to publish all their latest offers for bootcamps, group sessions and 1-1’s. We also created a Vlog and Blog with tips and tricks of the trade to keep trainees updated from industry influencers and professionals.

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The Work

This was a really interesting project to work on due to the evolving nature of it. Working alongside an in-house team, we had the task of creating a website that was user friendly, aesthetically pleasing and subliminally emanated a feeling that you’d want to return and find out more. There was also the coded side of things with the ratings, reviews, searches, social media activity wall aspect and more to formulate. Once the wire frames had been signed off, we set to work – the wire frame process is very much an interactive conversation with the client – although we put it all together, we really want to make sure that the client is happy with how the site presents itself and that the mapping system and journey is exactly what they had in mind. As the site was in the build process, we realised that there was more community potential for this site than originally discussed – we went back to the client with our ideas which were well received and created a newsfeed which acts as a community hub where users can see the latest workouts, videos and postings from PT’s that they follow.

Having built a great working relationship we really felt part of the team, so much so, we are still working closely alongside James and his in-house team working with them on their Social Media strategy, on-page SEO, Google Ads and website management. We have weekly meetings with their team and are delighted to be helping the business grow.

At e-innovate, we don’t just deliver a project and then move on to the next one, we love to help businesses grow and either deliver fully managed digital and web services, or alternatively as in this case, work alongside in-house teams where our skill sets compliment each other and our clients are therefore able to focus on growing their business rather than worrying about elements that they don’t necessarily have the expertise in to try and navigate.

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