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Web Design

Dearden are HR consultants who specialise in improving workforce performance and efficiency. The company primarily work with public sector organisations such as the NHS. We were commissioned to redesign their website so that they could start increasing their digital footprint and begin targeting private sector clients.

Web Design: Dearden HR

Prior to this website redesign, Dearden HR had an outdated website with minimal control of the content. This meant that it was difficult for them to update it themselves and they had to rely on external support to make minor updates – which proved to be inefficient for the business.

The Dearden HR website is built in wordpress and has a top of the range page builder integrated with the back-end. This allows Dearden HR staff to manage content and write news articles themselves. The website is fully search engine compliant and optimised for PC, tablet and smartphone devices.

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Dearden’s existing website had a lot of outdated content which was no longer relevant to their audience. We selectively removed the content that was no longer needed so that the information was clear and concise. We used stock video and imagery to separate the content across each page and implemented 301 redirects for the pages we removed so that we didn’t harm the SEO.

As part of their content strategy moving forward, it was important for Dearden HR to be able to post news articles on their website. We implemented a top of the range page builder for them and pre-built some layouts which makes it easy for non-technical administrators to manage blogging.

To support this strategy, we implemented email subscription boxes across the website and linked it with the businesses mailchimp account. This results in all website subscriptions going directly into the mailchimp portal so that administrators wouldn’t have to manually update the list.

Finally, the website is fully search engine compliant with minimal loading times and A grade page speeds. Custom metadata was also applied to every page to help boost SEO.