You Can’t Sell Anything If You Don’t Tell Anyone

Outsourced Marketing Manager

For your business to succeed, a digital presence is vital. Our full digital management service is a perfect turnkey solution for all business sizes. Offering different options of levels of management, e-innovate acts as your outsourced digital marketing manager to help you succeed online!

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Outsourced Digital Marketing Manager

Most people will find themselves in the same situation – business name chosen, business plan put together, website built – you’re ready to go. Where is everyone? Where are your potential new clients? Why isn’t anyone contacting you? Wait… does anyone even know you exist?

It’s a common thought process that once you’re out there in the big bad world of the internet, people will flock to your services or products – however, without a strong digital presence, this essentially is the equivalent of standing on the tumbleweed strewn high street of a ghost town. Your competitors are on first page searches, social networks are a minefield and SEO – where do you even start?

For all these reasons, and understanding how stressed our clients were – they have amazing products and services but they weren’t digitally shouting loud enough about them – we launched a full digital management service in 2018.

By utilising our full digital management service, our clients benefit from our knowledge, expertise and strategy tactics for their specific industries. e-innovate adds significant value to your digital presence by implementing techniques that will ensure the world knows about you.

Digital Management: How it works

What are your goals? Apart from World domination within your industry of course… The first thing we do is gain an understanding from you as to where you currently are and where you want to be. We discuss your business as a whole, the industry, your operations, competitors. What are your best selling services and products? What is your 1 year to 5 year plan? This seems a lot – but it’s like building a house. Once we have that strong foundation built, the rest will be sturdy, sustainable and strong.

Digital management isn’t about e-innovate taking over either – it’s about utilising in-house skills and filling any gaps. For example, if you’ve already got great writers within your teams, then we can use them for content writing, but e-innovate can complete all the keyword optimisation work before publishing their content online.

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Our Bespoke Processes

During our first meeting, we will ensure that the plan we are compiling is within your budget ensuring that we are maximising financial efficiency to match a service that is digitally robust.

By using e-innovate for a full digital managed service, you can rest assured that with our bespoke processes and customer care, we will work alongside you to ensure that your business is being shouted from digital rooftops.