Mobile App Development UK

It is estimated that 72% of people will use only mobile for internet browsing by 2025. This fast annual growth has had a big impact in more ways than just one and it’s evident that the number of mobile applications in today’s marketplace will significantly increase over the next three years.

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Your Mobile Device Has Quickly Become The Easiest Portal To Your Digital Self

With an estimated 72% of people only using mobiles for internet browsing by 2025, this fast growing industry is an ever changing landscape of technical wizardry. With this huge growth, the rise of mobile apps is a constant and at e-innovate we are consistently self-educating, investigating and trialling new technology to keep up with the market. We are constantly streamlining our processes to ensure a simple, stress free and successful client experience.

Mobile app creation and design provides endless possibilities and pathways, and it’s our job to ensure this is a process you are comfortable with and understand. We create your Mobile app to be tailored to you, your business requirements and your user journey. We use the best tools on the market to build a product that’s attractive, optimised and easy to navigate.

iOS & Android Apps

At e-innovate, we have worked on some amazing Mobile app projects and have designed and developed native iOS and android mobile applications for a range of industries including advertising, dating, events, messaging, mobile commerce, productivity and social media. We want to get this absolutely right for you – your Mobile app is your shop front and it has to be aesthetically pleasing, quick to load and easy to use.

e-innovate will have extensive dialogue with you to ensure what your end goal is for your Mobile app development – what is its purpose? Who will be using it? Are other people already doing this? If so, how will yours differ? How was the idea born? This level of enquiry is vital to conceptualising the functionality of your app so key features can be identified for development. We can help you build strategy, functionality and structure to ensure the best possible user journey.

Mobile App Development

The App Bulid Process

After our initial consultations and information gathering, we will put together detailed planning, wireframes and design. Once you’ve said “yes!” then we can begin the build. The app will be put through multiple testings with e-innovate ensuring that at handover day, you have a fully optimised, functional and exciting product. We have milestones and timeframes set – communication is key in our eyes. There’s nothing more frustrating than not getting answers or responses during a project. We pride ourselves on our level of customer service and always keep you in the loop with our progress.

Mobile App Development

The End Result

As well as receiving your all singing all dancing Mobile app, we also offer an extensive after-care package as well as a mobile app management service. With e-innovate we are delighted to work alongside many of our clients in different capacities after launch date from maintenance and hosting through to digital marketing strategies.

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