There are three responses to website design – YES, NO and WOW.
WOW is the one we aim for!

Web Design Surrey | A Bit About Us

Established in 2014 by Karim Salama, E-Innovate are a Reigate based digital services company focused on providing innovative, affordable and reliable digital services to our clients. What makes E-Innovate unique is our extensive knowledge of two key components that make up your digital footprint – website design and search engine optimisation.

This diverse experience gives us the ability to develop innovative, elegant and functional websites that have been built using the latest technologies, with a search engine compliant structure, to provide maximal performance and working efficiency. This ensures the websites we produce are correctly cached and recognised by Google so that potential customers can find them, which helps our clients achieve a sustainable return on investment from their new website. We build businesses, not just websites.


After graduating from the University of Brighton with a BA Hons in Business Management with Marketing in 2014, I setup E-Innovate to begin my professional career shortly after.

I quickly noticed a growing trend in the market – my potential customers had been charged thousands of pounds for a basic website in the past; they were paying hundreds (some nearly thousands) of pounds in maintenance fees each year; and they often had to wait days, sometimes weeks, to get any response from their provider. I guess offering an alternative has made me the industrious person I am today.

After 5 years of endless hours, hard work and consistent networking I am proud to have built E-Innovate into the business it is today. An open line of communication with my clients is key to continuously improving digital experiences, maximising ROI and increasing visibility online.

In early 2018 I introduced a full digital management service with an aim to offer a complete digital solution to clients who didn’t have the time or knowledge to create, implement and manage a digital strategy. I specialise in building organic growth so that my clients can reduce marketing costs and reduce paid advertising spend as they scale. E-Innovate are now proud to be the digital managers for a diverse range of businesses operating throughout the UK.

My clients love to work with me because I take care of their businesses online. I ensure that I have a thorough understanding of your entire business so that I am able to contribute ideas and help grow your business. By hiring me you get an experienced web designer, consultant, project manager, digital marketer, software developer (and much more) in one package.

I live and work in Reigate, but regularly work on-site with clients based around South-East England and London. I am usually accompanied by my Chief Morale Officer (CMO), Mona!

Whether you’re looking for someone to just build you a great website, increase your visibility online, manage your paid advertising, cut your digital costs, or take on the digital management role for your business, I welcome you to get in touch.

Karim Salama aka Tech Guy aka My Web Guy aka Web Man