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Digital Marketing

e-innovate specialise in using content creation to improve search engine visibility and increase organic traffic. By creating content on your website and using social media to distribute it and grow your audience, we can increase brand engagement and help you reach a wider…

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Web Apps

The term Web Application (or “web app” for short) refers to software which is run through a browser. These are used everyday, you’ve probably already used several web apps today. Web Apps are stored on a remote server and delivered through the internet – this makes it accessible from all devices…

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Hosting & Maintenance

Running a website isn’t dissimilar to running a car – without regular checkups and careful maintenance little hiccups can start appearing and all of a sudden your gleaming, alloy wheeled, sleek new supercar is running like a 100 year old banger! It is so important to look after your site…

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Mobile Apps

It is estimated that 72% of people will use only mobile for internet browsing by 2025. This fast annual growth has had a big impact in more ways than just one and it’s evident that the number of mobile applications in today’s marketplace will significantly increase over the next three years.

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Our process at e-innovate is to fully immerse ourselves in your product. We do this by gaining a full user understanding of what it is you are offering. We speak to you about the journey and elements that most users experience when using your product, and to your stakeholders, users and company staff…

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Social Media Marketing

From audience planning and social strategy to refined messaging, engaging content creation, paid ads and much more, we make your social media activity much more than a ‘nice to have’. We’ll help you to harness the power of your audience, tap into social shopping, drive traffic to your site, elevate…

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Digital Management

For your business to succeed, a digital presence is vital. Our full digital management service is a perfect turnkey solution for all business sizes. Offering different options of levels of management, e-innovate ensures that we have you covered for all digital aspects…

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Paid Search (PPC)

Our data-driven PPC management solutions are designed to do one thing; turbocharge your business. If your Google Ads campaigns aren’t bringing you the right kind of traffic, aren’t generating worthwhile leads and have an unsustainable cost per conversion, it’s time to try something new…

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White Label Websites

In the digital world, collaboration has never been stronger. With the world at your fingertips, you have access to realms of expertise and skill sets that are not in your physical office. Collaboration is important for business growth; passing up on revenue because of lack of resources is frustrating…

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