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7 ways to increase your landing page conversion rate right now

Is your landing page performing as well as you think it should? Are you sure you can squeeze more conversions from your traffic? Chances are, you can. When you invest time and resource in digital marketing, you naturally want to feel assured that you are making the absolute most of that investment. Adopting an ongoing approach to conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is one way you can do just that. We like to think that optimisation is never done so, if it’s been a while since you tried to extract even better conversion rates from your landing page, here are a few instant tips and tactics you can deploy right now:

Test alternative headlines

How compelling is your headline? A great headline is clear, succinct and powerful. While your headline will be a short piece of text, this doesn’t mean it’s easy to always hit the nail on the head. Testing different headlines to find out what really works and resonates with your audience is always good practise and could result in a CRO lift.

Amend your CTAs – be creative!

It’s common to fall into the trap of using a standard call to action such as ‘contact us’ or ‘find out more’ but, this doesn’t have to be your default. The CTA guides your visitor towards their next step so make this text punchy, creative and irresistible. Instead of ‘subscribe’ you could try ‘sign me up for discounts now’ for example.

Review your page text with a critical eye

Refreshing your page text to refine your messaging, create a more compelling narrative and better engage with your visitor can give stagnant landing pages a lift almost right away.

Add testimonials and reviews

The power of online reviews is well documented with a range of studies all confirming that reviews are used in consumer decision making. If your landing page doesn’t already contain reviews or client testimonials, add them now.

Incorporate new imagery

Just as important as your page text, headline and call to action, the imagery you use in banners and throughout your landing page can and will have an impact on whether your visitor takes the desired next step. Try swapping your banner images for new photography or test different pictures in key locations on your page.

Check your page loading time

Modern consumers are impatient and, given the sophisticated network of high speed internet coverage, page loading time is a critical factor. If your page loads too slowly, your bounce rate will increase and your conversion rate will drop. Even a fraction of a second can make a huge difference. Run a speed test on your page to check that it is loading within recommended parameters to rule out delays as a factor hampering conversions.

Check your form fields

Are you asking for a lot of unnecessary information from visitors before they can check out or sign up? Review your form to ensure that it’s optimised, requires as little information as possible and incorporates useful elements such as sign in with Facebook or Google where possible.

Remember, only change one thing at a time and measure the impact of the change before you make further adjustments.

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