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A nationwide Solicitors firm operating in London and 20 other regions across England, who pride themselves on making a positive impact in people’s lives whilst delivering the best, expert legal services to their clients. They specialise in family law and helping victims of domestic abuse.

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National Legal Service is renowned for their family law work, in particular their assistance with domestic abuse cases. Whilst this a position they are extremely proud of, to reach their growth ambition they needed their website to work harder for them.

Their key objective was therefore to establish a digital campaign to acquire new clients and business opportunities to drive growth.

After a thorough search for the right partner, they chose e-innnovate to assist them in achieving this.

Based on an analysis of their website and previous digital campaigns, our recommendation was to:

  • prioritise the redevelopment of their website – stripping out harmful backlinks which were damaging their rankings and relevance on Google, and
  • establish a digital optimisation programme – to attract prospects looking for family or crime solicitors, and improve conversion rates, repeat visits and mobile engagement.
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What We Did

• Strategy and user research

• Digital experience strategy

• Website design and prototyping

• Flexible and scalable architecture across web and mobile

• Digital-first branding

• Advanced user experience

• Analytics and optimisation

• Back-end system integration

• Launch support, content creation and social media

The Results (12mo Key Stats)

Organic Search

PAID Search


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e-innovate is a professional, forward-thinking, and knowledgeable digital partner. They took on our challenge and developed an intuitive, simple website experience, coupled with a digital campaign which exceeded our expectations and continues to deliver.

Jon Chappell, COO

The Context & Challenge

Prior to e-innovate’s involvement, the company had been utilising SEO services abroad which had resulted in harmful backlinks being present, hurting their Google rankings.

The e-innovate team devised a digital strategy to attract prospects looking for family or crime solicitors, and to move them through a digital journey pipeline, building engagement and encouraging contact.

  • This started with a complete website overhaul. As a family law firm, their existing black website was not visually appealing. It was also difficult to navigate. We therefore set about ensuring that we paid particular attention to the user experience to maximise conversions.
  • In addition, we cleaned up the company’s backlink profile and devised a robust link building strategy that would provide sustainable long-term organic growth and improved web visibility.
  • On-page optimisation was critical because the website needed to ensure search engine compliance. Every page of the website was keyword optimised to ensure the company had a vast search present across many competitive keywords.
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The Process & Insight

On-page optimisation

Along with a full website redesign and robust on-page optimisation, our strategy looked at the target audience search keyword landscape. We conducted an audit into the terms our prospective clients were using to find similar services. Identifying high volume search opportunities fuelled our recommended website structure and optimisation of pages which enabled us to rank for the specific keywords, driving relevant traffic to the website.

Link-building and content creation

We recommended a holistic approach to search. We utilised PPC to gain immediate visibility from higher competition searches, ensuring maximum exposure for available in-market leads. We also utilised content creation, link building and guest posts to build authority and improve keyword rankings to maximise organic visibility for sustainable longer-term growth.

To capitalise and convert this increased traffic we mapped out the pages and content we would need to inform, educate, and convert our traffic.

Social media and content creation

Another facet of the digital strategy was to increase National Legal Service’s social media profile. This was important from both an end user and employer brand / reputation in the industry, as well as being imperative in influencing search engine rankings – social signals are an important factor in influencing the mysterious Google algorithm. The content strategy we devised included a mixture of original and curated articles.

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3 Key Deliverables Achieved

1. An advanced online presence, directly addressing the most important client needs thereby significantly increasing relevant traffic

2. New architecture for web and mobile, delivering a seamless user-experience across all touch points

3. A brand and social media campaign, attracting the right prospects and driving the firm’s growth

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