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BulkBru has established itself as a supplier of top-tier products that meet stringent UK and EU standards, serving both Government and public sector organisations. Their commitment to adhering to BSI, EN, and NHS Standards in the UK is a testament to their dedication to quality.

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With the objective of catering to both B2B and B2C markets, BulkBru approached us for a tailor-made e-commerce solution that could handle diverse customer needs while maintaining operational efficiency.

The Results

Creation of a high-performing website optimised for B2B and B2C interactions.
Creation of a high-performing website optimised for B2B and B2C interactions.
Integration of a bespoke purchase ordering system tailored for e-commerce functionality.
Easy-to-manage website platform, simplifying content handling.
A scalable digital platform primed for future expansion and adaptation.
Enhanced SEO performance leading to increased web traffic and customer engagement

The Context & Challenge

Our team faced a significant challenge in developing a comprehensive system tailored to manage BulkBru’s varied customer groups, each with their specific discount rates and service terms. This complexity required a sophisticated approach, not only to ensure customisation for each group but also to integrate a mechanism for mass price adjustments. Critical to this solution was seamless integration with invoicing tools, enabling streamlined automation and efficiency in BulkBru’s operational processes. This task demanded a deep understanding of BulkBru’s unique business model and a strategic, tech-forward approach to meet their specific needs.

What We Did

Designed a bespoke website, aligning with BulkBru’s vision.

Developed the website using WooCommerce for robust e-commerce capabilities.

Created a custom plugin for the purchase ordering system, integrating it flawlessly with WooCommerce.

Achieved a high degree of automation across various business tools to enhance operational and management efficiency.

The Process & Insight

Website Design

Our approach began with a meticulous focus on the homepage, extending this detailed attention to each inner page. Our goal was to create a design that resonated with the company’s core ethos and vision, ensuring that every aspect of the website reflected BulkBru’s brand identity.

A key focus was on user experience; we prioritised creating a user-friendly interface that facilitated easy navigation and interaction, accommodating the needs of both B2B and B2C clients. This approach was central to ensuring that the website was not only visually appealing but also functionally robust and intuitive for all users, regardless of their reason for visiting BulkBru’s site.

Website Development

We translated the carefully crafted design into a high-performance website utilising WooCommerce. This platform was chosen for its robust capabilities and flexibility, enabling us to tailor the website’s functionality to BulkBru’s specific requirements.

A significant aspect of our development process involved creating a bespoke back-end system. This custom solution was designed to seamlessly cater to the distinct needs of both B2B and B2C clients, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience for each group.

For the B2B clients, we implemented a customised purchase ordering system. This system streamlined the ordering process, allowing for a higher degree of automation and efficiency in managing bulk orders and complex pricing structures.

Additionally, we integrated a high level of automation across various business tools. This integration was key to enhancing operational efficiency, reducing manual input, and ensuring that the e-commerce platform could effortlessly manage and process the diverse needs of BulkBru’s clientele. This strategic development approach was pivotal in creating a website that was not only visually appealing but also highly functional and efficient in its operations.

SEO & Strategy

Our SEO and strategy efforts were methodically orchestrated, beginning with an in-depth research phase. This involved a comprehensive analysis of key competitors in the market and a thorough examination of user search patterns. Such research was essential to gain a nuanced understanding of the landscape in which BulkBru operated.

Central to our strategy was a focus on the B2B market. We meticulously differentiated between purchase-intent and information-intent search queries. This distinction was crucial in tailoring our SEO approach to specifically target potential business clients, ensuring that our efforts were aligned with BulkBru’s primary market segment.

Moreover, we didn’t limit our scope to just the B2B sector. Recognising the potential in the B2C domain, our strategy also encompassed this area. We aimed to enhance BulkBru’s visibility for both B2B and B2C queries, thereby ensuring a broad and comprehensive market reach. This dual focus allowed us to capture a wider audience, increasing the chances of conversions and boosting BulkBru’s overall market presence.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) & Google Shopping

A critical component of the BulkBru project involved leveraging Google Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Shopping. Recognising the untapped potential in the B2C market, our team meticulously integrated BulkBru’s new e-commerce platform with Google Shopping. This strategic move was designed to enhance BulkBru’s online market presence and open up new avenues for customer engagement and sales.

Our approach included setting up and optimising BulkBru’s product listings on Google Shopping. By doing so, we ensured that their products were not only visible but also appealing to the vast pool of potential B2C customers searching for similar products on Google. This integration played a significant role in expanding BulkBru’s reach beyond their established B2B clientele.

Simultaneously, we employed Google PPC campaigns to target specific customer segments within the B2C market. These targeted campaigns were crafted to draw in consumers who were most likely to be interested in BulkBru’s offerings. By leveraging the power of Google’s advertising platform, we were able to drive meaningful traffic to their new e-commerce site, significantly boosting visibility and sales potential.

This dual approach of using Google Shopping for product visibility and Google PPC for targeted advertising proved to be a vital step in testing and successfully penetrating the B2C market. It allowed BulkBru to not only expand their customer base but also gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour and preferences in the B2C domain.

Key Deliverables Achieved

Delivery of a modern, aesthetically appealing bespoke website.

Efficient and user-friendly e-commerce system with an easy-to-manage CMS.

Custom-built purchase ordering system for B2B client management.

Extensive automation to streamline business processes and increase efficiency.

Through this project, BulkBru not only transformed its digital presence but also streamlined its operational processes, thus enhancing its ability to serve both B2B and B2C markets effectively. The bespoke e-commerce solution provided by us stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering tailored digital solutions that align with our clients’ unique business needs and goals.

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