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We – E-Innovate – are dead set on making the web design process as simple as possible. This means using the best tools on the market to build a site that’s attractive and easy to navigate. This way, your prospects will experience a website that’s not just simple to use, but expresses your business’s mission, values and vision, too.
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Web Design Surrey

If you’re looking for web design in Surrey, look no further than E-Innovate. We’re a web design agency in Surrey who create bespoke websites for our clients. The work we do for them is tailored to their needs, as are our aftercare services (we won’t just leave you hanging when we’re done!).

All across the UK, we’ve built and maintained working relationships with prospects and clients alike and, honestly, we attribute this to most of our success. 

Most web design companies tend to use old, out-of-date technology because it’s what they’re comfortable with. Our fresh and innovative approach to our client’s work gives us a leg-up most web design companies don’t have.

We specialise in WordPress development and provide a simple approach to web design by using up to the minute technology. Our aim is to make editing your website as user friendly as possible, which is why we only utilise top of the range page builders.

Our websites come fitted with everything you need to keep your search rankings high so more and more prospects are able to visit and, of course, become paying customers.

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Website Design Surrey: Process

First off, we’ll get talking about your business – everything from how you operate to who your competition are. This is also your chance to let us in on exactly what you want to achieve with your online presence. This way, we’ve got a clear idea of how we can use our expertise to get you the results you want. 

We’re flexible, too. We’ll ask you just how much of your website you want to manage, and how much you want to leave with us. Don’t be afraid to be choosy here – this is about what’s best for your business. 

Most web design agencies won’t do this, but if something’s working in your business and you want to keep it that way, then who are we to change it?

Once we’ve got an idea of what you want, we can provide you with a plan and – if you’re open to it – additional and affordable monthly SEO services

Short for “search engine optimisation”, these services involve us publishing monthly reports on what’s helping and hindering your site so we can help you make the right changes. From here, you’re able to keep your business’s search rankings high.

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Finishing Up

When it comes to putting your plan into action, we’ll start by finding the right words and phrases for Google to be able to not just recognise your site, but make sure it lands at the top of your prospect’s search results when they’re looking for your company. After this, we’ll take your site through our own set of performance tests. These are carried out so your website is quick to load and gets visitors to exactly where they want to be, in as little time as possible. 

When these processes are finished, you’ll have a website that tops search results, is easy to navigate and expresses your business’s values and mission. 

We’ll also offer you optional, affordable monthly reports to show you just how your site is performing, and what changes we can make so you continue topping search engines and attracting the right people to your site. 

Our clients are using these reports to keep their search rank as high as possible and make the right tweaks to their websites the moment something isn’t running like clockwork. 

Want us to help you keep your search rankings high so your prospects see you first? Visit our SEO Services page.

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