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Case Study

5 Real Estate

5 Real Estate, a firm specialising in the sale of Spanish properties, encountered hurdles in locating a provider capable of addressing their full spectrum of digital requirements. Their primary need was a robust, high-functioning website, complemented by effective digital marketing and paid advertising strategies.

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Recommended by an existing satisfied client, e-innovate stepped into a collaborative role, initiating a comprehensive digital transformation. This involved a meticulous redesign of their website, a seamless migration of CRM systems, and the integration of various RestAPIs to streamline business processes. Additionally, we developed a continuous SEO and content strategy, tailored to elevate 5 Real Estate’s market presence and fuel their growth.

The Results

Within three months of the new website launch, 5 Real Estate observed:

A 34% increase in organic traffic acquisition
A 25% increase in organic monthly property listing enquiries
A 33% increase in buyer enquiries

The Context & Challenge

The project’s complexity stemmed from intricate CRM systems requiring multiple API integrations without sacrificing performance. Our task involved understanding and processing data from various providers, automating the drafting process efficiently while maintaining quality.

A significant challenge was managing over 700 property listings without overburdening the web server. We utilised the CRM to dynamically feed images to the listings, ensuring optimal website performance.

What We Did

Strategy and User Research

Website Design and Prototyping

Analytics and Optimisation

API & Back-End Systems Integrations

Search Engine Optimisation

Content Writing

The Process & Insight

Website Design

Our approach in web design focused on creating a clean and user-friendly interface, incorporating an advanced property search feature to enhance customer experience. We incorporated modern design elements, meticulously optimised for Google search, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency. This design strategy was aimed at providing an intuitive user experience while maximising online visibility.

Website Development

Our focus was on executing a WordPress-based platform, enhanced with API integration. This integration was crucial in managing numerous API feeds, which efficiently fed data from various sources, ensuring real-time updates in sync with the company’s CRM systems. To optimise performance, we meticulously set up Cloudflare DNS and implemented image optimisation and compression techniques. This approach guaranteed a seamless, high-performance website, capable of handling dynamic data with agility and precision.

SEO & Strategy

For 5 Real Estate’s SEO and Strategy, we embarked on an extensive journey of market research and keyword analysis, delving deep into the competitive landscape. We meticulously crafted a comprehensive digital strategy, incorporating thorough competitor analysis and keyword research, to ensure a robust online presence. Upon launching the website, we strategically implemented a pre-live SEO strategy, designed to make an immediate impact. This approach was key to ensuring that the website hit the ground running, achieving visibility and traction from the outset.

PPC Advertising

Our approach to Pay-Per-Click Advertising centered on achieving targeted reach and heightened engagement, ensuring that the advertising efforts were not just visible but also effectively resonated with the desired audience. This strategy was pivotal in driving relevant traffic, enhancing visibility, and ultimately contributing to the overall success of their digital marketing initiatives.

Key Deliverables Achieved

Delivered a new bespoke, high-performing website with automated processes.

Achieved strong SEO keyword optimisation leading to a 34% increase in organic traffic.

Boosted property listing enquiries by 25% organically.

Enhanced buyer engagement and enquiries, reflecting the effectiveness of the digital strategy.

e-innovate’s partnership with 5 Real Estate underscores our expertise in delivering comprehensive digital solutions tailored to the unique needs of the real estate sector. Our strategic approach not only revitalised their digital presence but also translated into measurable business growth and client engagement.

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