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Case Study

RNG Classics

RNG Classics, specialists in classic and vintage car hire, faced a significant challenge with their outdated, underperforming website.

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Initially serving as a mere digital placeholder, their online presence was generating a mere two leads per month, hardly reflecting the quality and prestige of their brand. e-innovate stepped in with a mission: to transform RNG Classics’ digital façade into a high-performing, search engine-friendly platform, capable of increasing traffic, engaging potential clients, and significantly boosting online lead generation.

The Results

195% Increase in Organic Traffic Acquisition
2870% Increase in Monthly Organic Enquiries
63 High Volume Keywords in Google Top 10 within 5 months

The Context & Challenge

RNG Classics was grappling with a website that was poorly optimised, resulting in low engagement and minimal revenue generation. This situation was further compounded by the stiff competition they faced from larger firms, which boasted more substantial resources. The client placed their trust in e-innovates strategic approach to revamp their online presence. This trust was not just in words; they underlined their confidence in our capabilities with a unique incentive – offering a weekend with one of their classic cars if we succeeded. This gesture not only highlighted their commitment but also underscored the level of confidence they had in our ability to turn around their digital fortunes.

What We Did

Strategy and User Research

Logo Design & Branding

Website Design and Prototyping

Analytics and Optimisation

The Process & Insight

Branding & Design

In the rebranding journey of RNG Classics, we embarked on a critical task: crafting a new logo. This design needed to encapsulate the essence of RNG Classics’ traditional charm while infusing a contemporary flair, ensuring its adaptability across diverse mediums. This endeavour wasn’t just about creating a new visual identity; it represented the company’s first major rebranding effort, signalling a pivotal shift in its market positioning and brand perception. The end result was a logo that not only resonated with the heritage of RNG Classics but also aligned with the modern aesthetics of today’s market.

SEO & Strategy

We undertook a thorough market research and analysis process which involved deep diving into keyword search volumes to grasp how potential customers were searching for classic car rental services. Our focus was squarely on identifying and targeting purchase-driven keywords, essential for attracting customers ready to engage.

Simultaneously, we crafted a comprehensive digital strategy. This strategy wasn’t just about keywords; it incorporated an extensive analysis of competitors and a detailed exploration of the keyword landscape. This approach ensured we had a full understanding of the market dynamics and could position RNG Classics effectively.

Website Design

Our primary focus was to create an interface that blended visual appeal with user-friendly functionality. The design was crafted to ensure seamless navigation and enhanced user engagement, embodying RNG Classics’ dedication to both quality and elegance. This approach was pivotal in ensuring that the website was not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitive and accessible, reflecting the brand’s commitment to excellence in every aspect.

Website Development

The development of RNG Classics’ website was meticulously carried out on WordPress, prioritising both ease of management for the client and maintaining high performance. To ensure the site’s long-term competitiveness in the digital space, we integrated automated SEO features. Additionally, we employed advanced security and optimisation tools. These measures were crucial in keeping RNG Classics a step ahead of its competitors, guaranteeing that the website’s performance remained consistently superior and reliable.

Key Deliverables Achieved

A bespoke, state-of-the-art website that authentically represented RNG Classics’ brand.

A remarkable 2870%+ increase in online enquiries within the first six months post-launch.

Achieving top 10 Google rankings for 63 high-value keywords, showcasing the site’s enhanced visibility and reach.

From hand holding start to hand holding finish Karim and the team there have been masters of the art of website build, SEO and the ongoing analytics. The creative input and innovation to end up with such an enviable site is a joy to behold. Thanks guys you've all been stars!! Much love xx

e-innovates work with RNG Classics demonstrates our commitment to not only meeting but exceeding our clients’ digital aspirations. Our holistic approach, combining innovative design with robust SEO and digital marketing strategies, ensures that our clients not only make a significant digital impact but also achieve tangible growth and success in their business endeavours.

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