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Barley Mow

The Barley Mow is a charming, traditional pub located in Surrey. Renowned for its cozy atmosphere and rich history, it offers a delightful selection of food and drinks, hosting regular events and gatherings.

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The Barley Mow, a traditional pub with a contemporary twist, faced a significant transition period after being acquired by new owners. Entrusted with the task, e-innovate undertook the meticulous process of transferring domain ownership and account access.

The challenge extended beyond administrative changeovers; the new owners were handed a lacklustre website. Our objective was not only to revitalise the site but also to expand its capabilities, incorporating new features like a “What’s On” section. The focus was on creating an easy-to-manage backend, granting the pub’s staff full control and integrating modern automation systems.

The Results

A modern and cleaner website design, enhancing the pub’s online presence
High performing website, optimised for efficiency and user engagement
An easy-to-edit website, allowing in-house staff to make updates effortlessly
A modern and cleaner website design, enhancing the pub’s online presence
Streamlined automation across various systems, enhancing operational efficiency
OpenTable bookings and payments integration

The Context & Challenge

The revitalisation of The Barley Mow pub presented a complex blend of challenges, primarily centred around the integration of old systems with more modern technology. This intricate process demanded a series of creative workarounds and innovative solutions.

Additionally, a significant obstacle was gaining access to necessary resources and information, which involved various stakeholders. Successfully navigating this aspect required a consistent display of professionalism and patience, ensuring smooth collaboration and progress. In addressing these challenges, our approach was multifaceted.

What We Did

Logo Redesign: We gave the Barley Mow logo a fresh, modern makeover while carefully preserving its classic charm. This redesign aimed to reflect the pub’s evolution while staying true to its rich heritage.

Website Development: Our focus then shifted to developing a new website. The design strategy was twofold: enhancing the aesthetic appeal to attract and retain visitors, and improving functionality to ensure a seamless user experience.

WordPress Implementation: The website was built on the WordPress platform, chosen specifically for its user-friendly interface. This choice was strategic, aimed at facilitating easy management and regular updates by the pub’s staff, empowering them to keep the content fresh and relevant.

Content Overhaul: We undertook a comprehensive rewrite of the website’s content. This process was not just about refreshing the text but also involved tailoring the copy to better engage the audience and reflect the pub’s unique ambiance and offerings.

The Process & Insight

Website Development

We conducted an extensive analysis of competing sites, identifying unique opportunities where The Barley Mow could distinctly differentiate itself in the market. The design phase was approached with a focus on automation, prioritising a structure that would allow for quick and effortless editing by the in-house staff, thereby ensuring the website remained dynamic and easily manageable.

Key Deliverables Achieved

A newly designed, high-performing website that successfully reflects The Barley Mow’s ethos.

A digital “shop window” that can be effortlessly maintained by the pub’s staff.

A refreshed, modernised logo symbolising the pub’s blend of tradition and modernity.

Through this transformation, The Barley Mow not only enhanced its digital presence but also streamlined its internal processes, aligning with the owners’ vision of a pub that blends traditional charm with contemporary service. The case study of The Barley Mow showcases e-innovate’s ability to deliver comprehensive digital solutions, driving growth and efficiency for businesses in the hospitality sector.

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