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One Managed Security (OneMS), a provider of global managed IT solutions and infrastructures, faced a significant challenge with their existing Wix website as the business scaled internationally.

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The site fell short in content, functionality, and aesthetics, hindering their growth. Additionally, OneMS, known for their events, struggled with a cumbersome event booking system. e-innovate was tasked with overhauling their digital presence, creating a website that not only represented their brand but also streamlined their event management processes.

The Results

A modern, cleaner website design.
A high-performing website optimised for user engagement and efficiency.
A high-performing website optimised for user engagement and efficiency.
A high-performing website optimised for user engagement and efficiency.

The Context & Challenge

The OneMS project presented a unique set of challenges centred on their operation within the B2B sector. Our primary objective was to craft a website that was not only unique, clean, and modern but also distinctly represents OneMS’s corporate identity and values.

A crucial aspect of this project was the development of efficient event registration and backend ticketing functionality. This feature was designed to streamline OneMS’s event management process, making it more efficient and user-friendly. By integrating advanced attendee registration and ticketing systems, we aimed to enhance the operational efficiency of OneMS’s events, ensuring a seamless experience for both the company and its clients. This functionality was vital in reinforcing OneMS’s reputation as a forward-thinking, tech-savvy organisation in the B2B landscape.

What We Did

Chose standard layouts with unique column widths to enhance aesthetics.

Incorporated carousels and tabs for dynamic content interaction.

Developed a new website balancing aesthetic appeal with functionality.

Opted for WordPress for its ease of management and future scalability.

Provided ongoing support for website updates and strategic management.

The Process & Insight

Website Design

Our approach began with an in-depth analysis of the company’s current and future functional needs. This comprehensive evaluation was critical to understand the specific requirements of OneMS and ensure that the website we developed would not only meet but exceed their expectations. Additionally, we conducted a detailed competitor analysis. This step was crucial in positioning OneMS’s website to stand out uniquely in a crowded market. Our design strategy was focused on creating a website that distinctly represents OneMS’s brand while not compromising on performance. Every element of the site was carefully considered to reflect OneMS’s corporate identity and to ensure it operated at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. This dual focus on distinctiveness and performance was key to delivering a website that truly resonated with OneMS’s ethos and business goals.

Website Development

We chose WordPress with a top-of-the-range page builder, recognising its versatility and user-friendliness as a platform. This decision was made to ensure that OneMS could easily manage and update their site post-launch. Understanding the significance of their event management needs, we strategically utilised WordPress plugins to introduce efficient and cost-effective functionalities for event registration and ticketing. This integration not only streamlined OneMS’s event management process but also did so in a manner that was economically advantageous.

Furthermore, we implemented comprehensive conversion tracking. This was a crucial step to provide OneMS with valuable analytical insights. It enabled them to monitor user interactions on their website, understand the effectiveness of the event functionalities, and measure the overall performance of the site. This data-driven approach was essential for continual optimisation, allowing OneMS to make informed decisions to enhance their online presence and achieve their digital goals.

SEO & Strategy

We executed meticulous keyword optimisation, aligning closely with our comprehensive digital strategy. This involved an extensive process of identifying and incorporating relevant keywords that would elevate OneMS’s online visibility and search rankings.

Additionally, we undertook a complete rewrite of the website’s content. This step was crucial to ensure that the content not only resonated with OneMS’s brand voice and messaging but also was optimised for search engines. Our focus was on crafting content that was engaging, informative, and SEO-friendly, thereby enhancing the site’s relevance and authority in its industry.

To further bolster OneMS’s online presence, we provided continuous SEO guidance. This ongoing support was aimed at adapting to the evolving digital landscape, ensuring that OneMS’s website remained optimised for the latest SEO trends and practices. Our team worked closely with OneMS to keep them informed and ahead in their SEO efforts, contributing significantly to their sustained online visibility and success.

Key Deliverables Achieved

Launched a new, responsive, scalable website accessible on all devices.

Enhanced the site’s search engine optimisation, increasing visibility and customer acquisition potential.

Crafted a website that simplified content management for OneMS’s in-house team, enhancing operational efficiency and workflow.

The transformation of OneMS’s website illustrates e-innovates commitment to delivering bespoke digital solutions that align with our clients’ specific business goals and challenges. Through strategic design, development, and SEO optimisation, we have equipped OneMS with a robust digital platform that not only reflects their brand’s ethos but also significantly simplifies their event management process.

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