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Movehappy, a prominent Spanish Real Estate firm specialising in new build properties throughout the Alicante and Murcia regions, faced significant challenges with their online presence.

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Over the years, their website had become a patchwork of styles and functionalities, pieced together by various developers. This resulted in a hybrid platform that was cluttered, outdated, and not in line with modern web design best practices.

Recognising the need for a substantial overhaul, Movehappy approached us, inspired by our successful projects within the sector. They entrusted us with the critical task of redesigning and developing their website, aiming to transform it into a coherent, user-friendly, and visually appealing online platform that accurately represented their brand and streamlined the property browsing experience for their clients.

The Results

Utilised cutting-edge WordPress and API technology for the website.
Optimised for key markets and demographics with advanced SEO techniques.
Enhanced website performance for swift and responsive user experiences.
Improved search functionality and user interface for potential clients.
Structured the website for superior search engine performance and future scalability.
Incorporated API/XML integration for seamless, automated property feed updates.

The Context & Challenge

The challenge for the Movehappy project was formidable. Their existing website, over seven years old, had become a patchwork of functionalities pieced together by various developers over time. A critical task was managing the data of over 800 properties, embedded in custom theme fields from the old site. To avoid the monumental task of manually re-entering all this data, our team spent several days meticulously mapping the database. We then crafted scripts to seamlessly transfer and consolidate the data into the new website’s more modern database formats and structures, ensuring no vital information was lost in the transition.

What We Did

Website Design & Development

Analytics & Optimisation

Back-End Systems Integration

Search Engine Optimisation

The Process & Insight

Website Design

Our design journey for Movehappy began with an initial prototyping phase, followed by the crafting of the homepage. This initial design was refined through client feedback, leading to subsequent iterations. After finalising the homepage, we extended our design efforts to an additional five pages, maintaining a rigorous review and feedback loop until all page designs received the client’s approval. This iterative process ensured that each page not only met our high standards for aesthetics and functionality but also resonated with the client’s vision.

Website Development

Our key objective for the Movehappy project was to streamline the back-end processes. We utilised WordPress, equipped with a state-of-the-art page builder, to achieve this goal. A significant breakthrough was the development of a custom plugin along with an import/export feature. This innovation drastically reduced the administrative burden associated with managing and updating property listings. The system we designed allowed for the automatic drafting of property data, requiring minimal input from the in-house team for final publishing. This approach significantly enhanced efficiency, enabling the team to focus on other critical aspects of their work.

SEO & Strategy

A comprehensive digital strategy was central to this project, underpinned by detailed keyword mapping to ensure a robust and scalable website structure. We tailored the website to easily accommodate expansion into new regions as per the business’s growth requirements. Additionally, we developed a well-defined content strategy, guiding the team on how to maintain and enhance the site’s SEO effectiveness. This strategic approach was designed to ensure that the website not only met current needs but was also well-prepared for future growth and changes in the digital landscape.

Key Deliverables Achieved

High performing scalable wordpress website with top of the range page builder.

APIs & Automation to minimise administrative tasks and processes

Search engine optimised website to improve traffic acquisition

Unique website design in-line with brand guidelines to add credibility

The Movehappy project culminated in a series of significant achievements that transformed their online real estate presence. A modern, streamlined website was developed, leveraging the latest WordPress technologies, and equipped with a custom import/export functionality that dramatically simplified property administration. With improved search facilities, potential customers now enjoy a more intuitive and efficient journey in finding their desired properties. The integration of API/XML for automated property feeds, coupled with a better-structured website, not only bolstered search engine performance but also laid a foundation for scalability. These deliverables collectively represent a significant leap forward for Movehappy, positioning them as a modern, efficient, and user-friendly choice in the Spanish real estate market.

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