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The National Centre for Domestic Violence was established in 2003 to help survivors of domestic violence and abuse obtain protection against an abuser, as well as offering services to the police, probation service, domestic abuse agency workers, the legal profession and judiciary. They specialise in providing free, fast and effective support to survivors of domestic abuse, usually by helping individuals obtain injunctions from their local county court. This free service is provided to everybody, regardless of their financial circumstances, sexual orientation, race, gender, age, political, religious belief or otherwise.

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The National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) offers crucial, rapid emergency injunction services to survivors of domestic abuse. Their mobile app, integral in this mission, is a vital tool used by police and agencies for referring victims. Recognising the need for technological advancement, NCDV approached us to revitalise their mobile app with modern, scalable technology to align with their future plans.

The Results

A simple, elegant, and user-friendly mobile application for both iOS and Android.
Integrated APIs for seamless data communication across various platforms.
Scalable and cost-efficient mobile app technology.

The Context & Challenge

NCDV’s previous mobile app, built in 2017, was hampered by legacy technology and outdated processes. With over 7,500 victim referrals monthly, predominantly via the app, the challenge was formidable. We inherited messy code and high-volume usage that necessitated major changes with minimal user disruption.

Compounding the challenges were data and privacy compliance, essential for a community interest company like NCDV, and cost-efficiency considerations. Notably, the app faced specific operational issues:

High police turnover led to complications in app usage and referral confirmations

The app’s outdated Ionic framework (version 5.x.x) was significantly behind the latest release (v15.x.x)

User details required cumbersome app reinstallation for updates

Inability to push notifications limited engagement opportunities

What We Did

Redesigned mobile applications, incorporating a referral history feature for enhanced user tracking.

Implemented mandatory user account registration with email verification to bolster security.

Conducted iOS and Android development for native app experiences.

Upgraded APIs and web services for robust data communication.

The Process & Insight

A group of developers are discussing a web app at a desk filled with wireframes and Post It notes

Mobile App Design

In undertaking the redesign of NCDV’s mobile app, our primary focus was on enhancing user experience. We initiated the process by comprehensively revamping each screen of the app. This meticulous approach ensured a more intuitive flow, significantly improving the ease with which users – predominantly police and agency workers – could navigate the app. Our design philosophy centred around simplicity and clarity, ensuring that vital services were readily accessible in what are often urgent situations. We paid particular attention to user interface elements, optimising them for greater visibility and responsiveness. The redesign aimed not just to update the app’s aesthetics but to transform it into a more effective tool for swift and secure communication between various stakeholders. This holistic approach was pivotal in elevating the app’s functionality and ensuring it met the evolving needs of NCDV’s crucial services.

Mobile App Development

The redevelopment of the NCDV mobile app was an ambitious project, where we transitioned from outdated Ionic technology to native iOS and Android platforms. This shift was pivotal in addressing the scalability and future-proofing concerns. Our development process involved a complete overhaul of the app’s structure, enhancing its compatibility with the latest mobile operating systems while significantly upgrading its web services. We focused on building robust APIs to facilitate seamless data communication across various platforms, ensuring that the app could handle high-volume usage without compromising on performance. This was crucial given the app’s extensive use by police and agencies for victim referrals. Additionally, we implemented measures to ensure data and privacy compliance, a critical aspect considering the sensitive nature of NCDV’s work. The redevelopment resulted in a more resilient, efficient, and user-friendly application, poised to support NCDV’s mission more effectively in the digital age.

Web Services Enhancement

In enhancing the web services for NCDV’s mobile app, we focused on creating robust, reliable connections between the app and its backend systems. This involved upgrading existing web services to ensure faster data processing and secure data transmission, vital for handling sensitive information. By optimising these services, we significantly improved the app’s overall performance and reliability, ensuring that vital data from police and agency referrals is managed efficiently and securely, a critical aspect given the high-stakes nature of NCDV’s work. This upgrade plays a crucial role in supporting the app’s expanded capabilities and user base.

Key Deliverables Achieved

User-Friendly Mobile Application for iOS and Android: The redevelopment of NCDV’s mobile app culminated in the creation of a streamlined, intuitive user interface, accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. The app’s design was meticulously refined to ensure ease of use, crucial for the efficient and rapid referral of domestic violence victims. This user-friendliness is vital for facilitating quick actions by police and agency workers, who often operate under time-sensitive conditions.

Scalable Mobile Technology: A significant achievement of this project was the transition to scalable mobile technology. By adopting native iOS and Android development, the app is now well-positioned for future enhancements and expansions. This scalability ensures that as NCDV grows and evolves, the app can be adapted to meet emerging needs and challenges, thereby future-proofing the technology.

Robust API and Web Service Integration: The integration of robust APIs and upgraded web services forms a core part of the deliverables. This integration enables efficient communication of data between different systems, ensuring seamless operation and data management. The improved backend infrastructure supports the high-volume usage of the app and enhances overall system reliability, essential for the sensitive and urgent nature of NCDV’s services.

The redevelopment of the NCDV mobile app represents a significant stride in enhancing support for survivors of domestic violence. By delivering a more user-friendly, secure, and scalable mobile application, we’ve ensured that NCDV’s crucial services are more accessible and effective for both survivors and the agencies assisting them. The integration of modern technologies and robust web services has transformed the app into a vital tool for emergency injunction services.

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