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Case Study

Greengage Solutions

Greengage Solutions, a beacon of sustainability and environmental advocacy, sought to amplify their impact through a digital revamp. Their previous Squarespace website, laden with years of edits and lacking responsiveness, hindered their online visibility and engagement.

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Referred to e-innovate by a satisfied client, Greengage embarked on a collaborative journey with us, aimed at overhauling their digital presence. Our task: to streamline, modernise, and optimise their website, aligning it with a bespoke digital strategy.

The Results

A contemporary and cleaner website design.
A high-performing website optimised for user engagement and efficiency.
An easy-to-edit website, enabling staff to manage updates seamlessly.
A scalable platform, ready for future expansion.

The Context & Challenge

Transferring content from the old Greengage website posed a significant challenge due to the lack of export functionality on the existing platform. To tackle this, we developed a custom script that efficiently extracted the content. This innovative solution not only streamlined the process of editing but also made re-uploading the content much more straightforward.

Furthermore, the Greengage website had accumulated a number of outdated pages over time. These pages, while somewhat beneficial for SEO, needed careful handling. We strategically consolidated this content to ensure that the website’s search engine presence was not only maintained but also optimised. In addition, managing a variety of perspectives within the Greengage team and aligning all stakeholders was a critical part of our project management, essential to ensuring a cohesive final product.

What We Did

We crafted a new website design, balancing aesthetic appeal with practical functionality.

Developed the website using WooCommerce for robust e-commerce capabilities.

Provided ongoing support for website updates and strategic management.

The Process & Insight

Website Design

In designing Greengage’s website, our initial step involved a thorough understanding of their current and future functional requirements. This foundational analysis was crucial to ensure that the website we created not only met their needs today but was also scalable for their future growth.

We then conducted an extensive competitor analysis. This step was vital to ensure that the Greengage website would not just blend in but stand out in its market segment. Our focus was on creating a site that would distinctively represent Greengage’s brand while ensuring it performed exceptionally well under various online conditions.

For the development of the site, we chose WordPress as our platform. This decision was driven by WordPress’s renowned flexibility and user-friendliness, making it an ideal choice for a dynamic and evolving organisation like Greengage. This platform allowed us to build a website that was not only robust and reliable but also easily manageable by Greengage’s team, ensuring long-term sustainability and ease of use.

SEO & Strategy

A crucial aspect was the meticulous keyword optimisation of their website, meticulously aligned with the overarching digital strategy we had crafted. This step was fundamental in ensuring that the website not only resonated with Greengage’s audience but also performed well in search engine rankings.

In collaboration with Greengage, their internal team of skilled copywriters took the lead in updating the website’s content. Our role was to provide guidance and support, especially in implementing top-level strategies that would maximise the impact of their content in terms of SEO. This collaborative approach ensured that the content was not only on-brand but also optimised for search engines.

We also provided ongoing SEO guidance to Greengage. This continuous support was designed to help them not only maintain but also enhance their online visibility over time. Through our guidance, Greengage was equipped with the knowledge and strategies needed to adapt to the evolving landscape of SEO, ensuring their website remains relevant and highly visible in search engine results.

Key Deliverables Achieved

A new, responsive, scalable website accessible on all devices.

A search engine optimised website, boosting visibility and aiding new customer acquisition.

A website designed for easy content management by in-house staff, streamlining their workflow.

The transformation of Greengage Solutions’ website by e-innovate underscores our commitment to delivering digital solutions that not only meet our clients’ immediate needs but also equip them for future growth. This project exemplifies our capability to navigate complex challenges, manage diverse stakeholder inputs, and deliver a modern, efficient, and impactful online presence.

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