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Case Study


Tarrison, with its 30-year legacy of delivering exceptional service and customisable stainless steel products, approached e-innovate seeking assistance in amplifying their digital presence.

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Despite being entangled in a restrictive, non-performing contract with a previous provider, Tarrison recognised the potential of SEO to elevate their brand. Following a series of international consultations, they entrusted e-innovate with the task, eventually expanding the collaboration to include a paid advertising campaign for their new product category.

The Results

Within three months of the new website launch, 5 Real Estate observed:

50 keywords ranking in the top 10 on Google US.
216 keywords in the top 20 on Google US.
A 38% increase in enquiries.
A 41% rise in telephone calls.

The Context & Challenge

Tarrison’s website, developed by an overseas team using unconventional technology, presented numerous challenges. Instructing the developers often led to unintended alterations, necessitating extensive auditing and adjustments.

Additionally, as a Canadian company aiming to penetrate the US market, Tarrison faced hurdles in establishing a search presence and building website authority, all while operating within a limited SEO budget that restricted extensive off-page SEO activities.

What We Did

Developed a comprehensive digital strategy, encompassing over 110 product category and sub-category pages.

Recommended enhancements to the website to improve user experience and conversion rates.

Created all necessary metadata.

Implemented full conversion tracking.

Coordinated with offshore development teams across multiple time zones.

The Process & Insight

Research & Development

Our approach was rooted in thorough research and analysis, essential for crafting a robust digital strategy. We started with an in-depth market analysis for both the US and Canadian sectors, ensuring we had a comprehensive understanding of the landscape in which Tarrison operates. This was complemented by a meticulous competitor research process, which helped us identify both opportunities and challenges within the market.

Our team delved deep to gain valuable insights into Tarrison’s product range. This included identifying their best-performing and most popular products, alongside understanding the key customer demographics. These insights were critical in tailoring our digital strategy to meet the specific needs and preferences of their target market.

Additionally, we executed comprehensive keyword research, focusing on both national and regional locales. This approach ensured that our SEO and content strategies were not only relevant but also geographically targeted, enhancing Tarrison’s visibility and reach across key markets. This multi-faceted research approach laid a solid foundation for the subsequent stages of our digital marketing strategy.

SEO & Strategy

We meticulously formulated a detailed digital strategy, laying out a comprehensive 6-month plan which was designed to guide our efforts in enhancing Tarrison’s online presence and search engine ranking. A critical element of this was compiling a master keyword list that encompassed all relevant locales, categories, and subcategories. This comprehensive list was pivotal in ensuring that our SEO efforts were both thorough and targeted.

To further refine our approach, we created a keyword mapping document. This crucial tool guided the structural and optimisation strategy of the website, ensuring that each page was aligned with specific, relevant keywords. This not only improved the site’s search engine visibility but also enhanced the user experience by making the content more relevant and accessible.

Moreover, we generated all metadata within the scope of the project, meticulously aligning it with our overarching digital strategy. This metadata was carefully crafted to not just meet SEO standards but also to resonate with Tarrison’s target audience, thereby improving click-through rates from search engine results pages. This comprehensive approach to SEO was integral to the project’s success, laying a solid foundation for Tarrison’s enhanced digital presence.

Through a strategic blend of market research, search engine optimisation, and collaboration with offshore teams, e-innovate successfully enhanced Tarrison’s digital presence, significantly boosting their online enquiries and telephone calls. This case study exemplifies our ability to navigate complex technological landscapes and deliver tangible results, even within the constraints of a limited budget.

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