Case Study

Coving Shop

Coving Shop Ltd is a renowned UK-based company specialising in architectural design elements. Established in 1956, they offer a diverse range of plaster coving, cornices, and decorative gypsum art, catering to various tastes and budgets.

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Coving Shop Ltd, with its rich legacy dating back to 1956, has been a stalwart in the field of architectural design, particularly in the production of plaster coving, cornices, and decorative gypsum art. Their journey from North America to the UK in 1995 has been marked by a commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Understanding the need to modernise their digital presence, Coving Shop Ltd turned to us for the design and development of an innovative e-commerce website, tailored to their unique business needs.

The Results

A modern, cleaner, and more engaging website design
A high-performing website optimised for user interaction and efficiency
Integration of e-commerce functionality with a bespoke order quotation system
An easy-to-manage site, enabling staff to effortlessly handle content
A scalable digital platform, ready for future business expansion
Enhanced SEO performance leading to increased web traffic and customer engagement

The Context & Challenge

The Coving Shop project presented unique challenges and required a tailored approach to address its specific needs. A primary obstacle involved the consolidation of an extensive range of products from their outdated website. This process demanded meticulous planning and a well-devised digital strategy, as we were tasked with managing the migration and data transfer of over 900 unique products. Each product had to be carefully transitioned to ensure accuracy and maintain the integrity of the vast product range.

Another significant aspect of the project was comprehending the breadth and depth of Coving Shop’s product offerings. Our team dedicated considerable effort to understanding each product’s specifications and relevance, ensuring that the data migration was not only accurate but also strategically aligned with the company’s e-commerce objectives. This comprehensive understanding was crucial in creating a digital platform that accurately represented their diverse and quality-driven product range.

What We Did

Developed a new website design, striking a balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Chose WordPress with WooCommerce for the e-commerce functionality, prioritising ease of management and scalability.

Implemented tracking and analytics for data collection and insights.

Provided continuous strategic support and assistance for the website.

The Process & Insight

E-Commerce Website Design

The development of the Coving Shop’s e-commerce website began with a meticulous design process, commencing with the homepage. This initial phase was crucial as it set the tone and style for the subsequent pages. Each template was thoughtfully and custom-designed, with a keen focus on enhancing the overall shopping experience. Special attention was paid to intuitive navigation and user engagement, ensuring that customers could easily browse and purchase products.

E-Commerce Website Development

In terms of website development, the project involved transforming the initial design into a high-performing website, seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce. A significant task in this phase was the migration of a decade’s worth of data, encompassing over 900 products. This process was not just about transferring data; it also involved a thorough cleanup of legacy content to optimise the site’s performance, ensuring that the new platform was both modern and efficient.

E-Commerce SEO & Strategy

From an SEO and strategic standpoint, the project entailed comprehensive keyword optimisation, aligned with our overarching digital strategy. This process included rewriting all existing website content, adhering to the best practices of SEO to enhance the site’s visibility and searchability. Furthermore, we implemented full GA4 conversion tracking and submitted the site to Google for indexing. These steps were complemented by various performance enhancement measures, all aimed at boosting the site’s search engine performance and user experience.

Key Deliverables Achieved

Launched a new, responsive, and scalable e-commerce website, accessible across all devices.

Introduced a custom ordering and quotation function, significantly enhancing efficiency and customer service.

Improved the site’s search engine optimisation, boosting visibility and aiding in new customer acquisition.

Created a user-friendly website, simplifying content management for in-house staff.

Through this project, Coving Shop Ltd not only transitioned into the digital era but also redefined their customer interaction and service model. The new website not only symbolises their commitment to quality and innovation but also positions them strategically for further growth in the digital marketplace.

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