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GrackleDocs, a leader in software and services designed to make digital content accessible to everyone, focuses on ensuring digital accessibility for all users, including those with disabilities. With the strategic acquisition of AbleDocs, GrackleDocs entrusted e-innovate with the task of expanding their digital presence to match their growth projections in the document accessibility market.

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GrackleDocs, renowned for its commitment to enhancing digital accessibility, recently expanded its influence with the strategic acquisition of AbleDocs. This merger prompted the need to integrate two substantial digital footprints into a singular, cohesive online presence that aligns with the company’s vision and market expansion goals. Tasked with this mission, e-innovate was chosen to spearhead the digital strategy, focusing on optimising the consolidated platform to ensure it not only retained but also amplified its reach and effectiveness in the competitive document accessibility market.

The project entailed a full-scale audit of both existing websites, the implementation of a unified SEO and content strategy, and ongoing support to adapt to the dynamic needs of the industry. Our objective was clear: to merge the robust capabilities of both companies under the GrackleDocs brand, enhancing their online presence and positioning them as a dominant force in global accessibility solutions.

The Results

(3mo Key Stats)


increase in organic traffic


increase in overall traffic


increase in organic clicks


increase in avg click-through-rate


increase in organic conversions


more keywords appearing in Google US

The Context & Challenge

GrackleDocs faced the complex challenge of merging with the newly acquired AbleDocs. Both organisations had established robust digital presences, each with extensive content that overlapped in themes and keywords. This presented a significant risk of keyword cannibalisation, where similar content across both sites could compete against each other in search engine results, potentially diluting the SEO impact of both. The primary objective was to seamlessly consolidate the two websites into one cohesive platform. This required a careful strategy to integrate and optimise content without losing the search engine visibility and authority that both sites had individually established. The goal was to create a unified brand presence that would not only maintain but enhance their position in the competitive US market for document accessibility services.

What We Did

In-depth keyword and competitor research

Strategic digital planning and restructuring

Implementation of a tailored SEO strategy with ongoing support

The Process & Insight

Research & Strategy

Our comprehensive approach began with an in-depth analysis of both the GrackleDocs and AbleDocs websites. We conducted detailed sector, keyword, and competitor research to identify overlapping areas and unique strengths of each site. This initial research phase was critical in understanding how to best consolidate content to avoid keyword cannibalisation while enhancing SEO performance. The strategy focused on prioritising high-value content and eliminating redundancies, ensuring a streamlined approach that leveraged the best of both entities. The final digital strategy was crafted to not only merge the websites effectively but also to position GrackleDocs as a leader in the US market for document accessibility.

On-Page Optimisation

Post-research, our team implemented a series of on-page SEO tactics tailored to the new unified GrackleDocs website. This included optimising meta tags, headings, and descriptions with targeted keywords to improve visibility and relevance in search engine results. We also restructured the website’s architecture to enhance usability and ensure a seamless user experience across both mobile and desktop platforms. Rigorous conversion tracking was set up in GA4, allowing continuous monitoring and collection of data to inform further optimisations. This meticulous attention to on-page factors was designed to boost the site’s organic search presence and effectiveness in engaging users.

Content & Ongoing Strategy

To maintain and build upon the initial success of the website consolidation, we devised a content cluster strategy. This approach involved creating themed clusters of content that addressed key topics within the document accessibility space, enhancing topical authority and SEO. We supported GrackleDocs in the development of article briefs that were strategically designed to add value to consumers and improve visibility in search engines. This ongoing content strategy is complemented by continuous SEO support, ensuring that GrackleDocs not only keeps up with the evolving digital landscape but also remains a step ahead in terms of innovation and market reach.

Key Deliverables Achieved

An advanced online presence that addresses critical client needs and significantly increases relevant traffic.

New architecture for web and mobile, delivering a seamless user-experience across all touchpoints.

Strong on-page optimisation to enhance search engine visibility and support organic growth.