You don’t need a hard disk in your computer if you can
get to the server faster.. carrying around these non-connected
computers is byzantine by comparison.

Web App Design Surrey & Cloud Software Development

The term web application relates to software which is run through a browser. It is stored on a remote server and delivered through the internet – making it accessible from all devices. Additionally, the data entered is processed and saved in the cloud, allowing users to access the same data from anywhere.

Software is considered one of the most important areas associated with your business. It has the ability to increase productivity and cater for scale and growth, giving vasts amount of flexibility and improved efficiency to business operations.

If you are looking to increase staff productivity, handle changing demands, generate bespoke reports, work more efficiently, or improve your businesses core functions, then a bespoke web application may be right for you.

At E-Innovate we have designed & developed a range of web applications including investment platforms, business database’, file management platforms, lead-gen applications, billing systems & advertising platforms. We are at the leading edge of web application development.


We can understand your requirements, evaluate your needs and pick appropriate technology.


We can help define the strategy, clarify requirements and prepare the necessary documentation.


We can develop, test and launch your web application with ongoing support and maintenance.

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