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E-Innovate make managing your website a positive experience. We integrate the best tools on the market with your website to provide you with full control of your content, so that you can make changes whenever you want. We also offer a complete website management service which includes monitoring website traffic, trends and statistics to consistently maintain and improve it.

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Web Design Surrey

E-Innovate are a web design company based in Surrey who provide a bespoke web design service with exceptional aftercare and quality of work. Lasting business relationships have been the key to our success and we strongly believe that helping you grow online helps us grow online.

Many web design companies continue to complicate the web design process by using old technology. We believe in efficiency and innovation which is why we specialise in building websites using only the best technologies available on the market – to make managing your website easy so that you can focus on growing it instead!

Every website we supply comes equipped with premium optimisation, performance and security plugins. Web pages are also keyword optimised for search engines and submitted to Google, so you can rest assured that your new website has been indexed and is ready to begin bringing you benefits.

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Website Design Process

We love to talk business so we always start by asking you some questions about your business to get a clearer understanding of your operations, products and/or services. We discuss your industry, competition, unique selling points and current digital activity. You also tell us what you’re hoping to achieve online and how you need our help to achieve it.

We always ask to see a few reference websites from you to gauge the type and style of website’s you like. We’ll also ask you how much of the website you’d like to manage yourself; and what you’d like us to do for you. With all this information, we can provide you with a fixed price web design quote and affordable on-going monthly maintenance solution to suit your needs.

If you’re not sure what you need, that’s fine too. Let us know your business goals and we’ll come up with a proposal for you.

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Once you confirm the project with us we will ask you to send us any high resolution assets you would like used on the website. We can also provide stock imagery at no additional cost.

We will begin the project by devising a structure for your website and mapping out the user experience. We will then produce a homepage for you to preview and provide feedback on.

Upon completing any requested revisions, we will proceed to building the inner pages of your website. We will continue to send you previews of our progress every few days so you are kept up-to-date. If we think of any great ideas to enhance your website, we’ll run them by you too! Communication is key and we’ll always stay in touch with you.

Upon completion of your website and on your approval, we migrate your new website to your live domain with minimal downtime. We redirect any retired pages, integrate tracking codes and ensure full functionality.

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Final Optimisations

We complete research to identify search terms and volumes. We implement custom metadata across your website and ensure a consistent ratio of heading tags are on each page. The website is performance tested to ensure optimal loading times and Grade A Pagespeeds.

Once all the technical and performance optimisations are done, your new website is submitted to Google for indexing. E-Innovate will monitor the crawl status to ensure successful implementation of your new website.

Many customers choose for us to monitor their search engine rankings and provide a monthly report. This is a great way to maintain and enhance your website each month. Learn more by visiting Search Engine Optimisation.

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